Weird Science

Mmmm… Brainz… Zombie Brainz… Zombie Brain Anatomy

An important study has just concluded on the anatomy of zombie brains. I guess zombies will heretofore be known as “people suffering from Conscious Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder”.  Those poor CDHD bastards, they didn’t know what hit ’em. The researchers were thorough, noting the differences between the lumbering undead (CDHD1) and their more speedy brethren (CDHD2–see “28 …

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Comet heading towards Mars

I don’t mean to scare anyone, but a giant comet is heading towards Mars. Impact and subsequent calamity is due October 19. Of course, Nasa says we should be just fine here on Earth–heh, right, theses are the same people who lied about the moon landing. But whatever. Anything hailing from the “Oort Cloud” can’t …

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Who is Webdriver Torso?

The internet has recently had their panties in a bunch over a mysterious youtube user by the name of Webdriver Torso. For some months, this mysterious youtube user has been posting cryptic videos onto Youtube at startling rates (77,772 videos as of the writing of this post). The videos are all similar in style; short …

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Scientists use light to try to find dark matter, but fail

Linke here Using light to try to find dark matter strikes me as funny. I guess I’m just easily amused. But seriously, dark matter has always struck me as one of those things like the concept of “the ether” that future generations will look back on a smile at our ignorance.