New PS4 Coming Soon

If there’s one thing in life that I really hate to do, it’s telling someone I told you so. So it is with great humility and considerable regret that I must write these words: J, I told you so. Just kidding, suck on that, J! 😛 Also, sorry to our readers for being so quiet …

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Pump Up the Volume

I’ve been wanting to play indie game Volume for a while, and now that it’s released on the Vita, I’m going to do just that. Volume is a stealth game inspired by MGS. It also has a UGC component. It’s received solid reviews, and it’s a cross buy, AND your purchase will eventually include a …

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The Vita Lives

Well, not really, but this article at Polygon is pretty good about how it influenced Sony’s successful PS4 (and beyond…).

Proper Use Of Horse Poo In Metal Gear Solid V, The Phantom Pain

In case you hadn’t found this out yet, you can command your horse “buddy” to defecate on command (natch’). What you might not have known, however, is that this particular horse poo will make vehicles spin out of control when contacted (double natch’). This can be highly useful, especially on Mission 09. Here’s a vid:

VR News

In case you missed it, Time magazine (yes, those things your great uncle still reads) recently had a ridiculous cover about VR. And, because internet, people are having a field-day with it. Per usual, Forbes’ David Thier’s comments on the matter echo my own, so go read his post. Five years from now, this shit …

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