Full Metal Alchemist Transmuting to Live Action

Via Polygon (which got their news via CrunchyRoll, which got their news via BiglobeNews). Let’s hope the anime transmutes to live action better than Alphonse did into a hollow robot thingie. Here’s a vid to remind you of the FMA awesomeness:

Japanese Anime Cuddle Pillow

So, this isn’t creepy at all: Yeesh. More details on Anime News Network. Details such as Makuake’s response of “What if I start loving you even more than I already do?” when you rub her special parts. Yick. I need to go bathe in Purell now.


According to Kotaku, there is a meme on the internet that I was not aware of: President Obama loving anime. These tumblers are awesome.

I’m guessing the reviews for this anime robot on Amazon.JP are hilarious

First of all, check out the giant Kuratasu Starter Kit robot selling on Amazon.JP for 120 million yen right now. Then┬ádo the auto-translate feature of Chrome and enjoy these important bullet points on the product description: Weight about 5 tons, height 3.8m engine driven human four-legged giant toy robot (weight, height, changes in both optional) …

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Anime News On The Net

There’s a new Ghost In The Shell movie coming out. And no, not that one. Next, I can’t seem to find appropriate words for this article. Check out this great vid C.O. BuzzFeed showing the reactions of everyday americans watching anime for the first time: And finally, did everyone see this vid of Ghostbusters as …

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A Sexless Japan

Interesting article on the lack of sex in japan. FTA: “It’s too troublesome,” says Kishino, when I ask why he’s not interested in having a girlfriend. “I don’t earn a huge salary to go on dates and I don’t want the responsibility of a woman hoping it might lead to marriage.” Japan’s media, which has …

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