Dark Crabs 3

We’ve been radio silent lately because we’re all addicted to Dark Souls 3. As such, here’s vid of DS3 with all textures replaced with crabs (HT Todd).

This dude made a working 1KB hard drive… in Minecraft

The title really says it all, check this shit out (HT Reddit, natch). UPDATE: Apparently, this is child’s play. People are making actual computers now, and have been for some time. There are extensive wikipedia articles on it. SMH, it’s so meta I can’t stand it.

Dwarf Fortress

I’ve heard about Dwarf Fortress before, but I’ve never played it. Maybe I should, given this great article from the Seattle Weekly on the video game Dwarf Fortress. Oft considered the most complex video game ever created, Dwarf Fortress is less of an RPG and more of a world simulator. Here’s a great excerpt from …

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Hulu, why have you forsaken J?

Hulu is apparently dumping their anime back catalog so they can start airing live versions of The Bachelor Hoarders of Long Island. Or some dumb shit like that. J, time to spin up your crunchyroll sub.

Kickstarter Drama

Interesting story on Gizmodo about a 3D printer Kickstarter campaign gone awry. This follows a long, infamous list of failed Kickstarters. In fact, the list is so plentiful now, that it has begot its own subreddit: shittykickstarters. That said, I just received my Freewrite the other day, and while some people are panning it as a 500 …

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