J’s Star Wars Edits

Ok – after having some time to digest the new SW film, I have to say that overall it was a decent flick, but it could have been a great film, with some small modifications. This review (although more critical than my own take) pretty well details all the flaws I saw in the film. …

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Now Josh Can Get His MGSV Fix

In the form of…… Pachinko!! Not as strange as it sounds because apparently there is some sort of secret in game pachinko that you can play. Still, it’s pretty much a cash grab by Konami, and a pretty small one at that. Why potentially dilute a brand with shit if the potential payout is tiny?

Sign Your Kid Up For Little League

…of Gaming and live your vicarious game dreams* through your offspring. Why didn’t they have this shit when I was young? I would have dominated the Speedball 2 circuit. *like hoop dreams, except with games, duh.