About NblogN

NblogN is a blog about general tech and nerd ramblings as authored and run by Josh and J. We write about a large number of topics, ranging from the economy to Gurren Lagann. Josh and J go way back, they first met while splitting up the spoils of a destroyed piñata in pre-school. They became fast friends and made a pact to play video games together well into their 100s. They continue to make good on this pact every week. More about Josh and J:

About Josh

Josh is an author and a software manager at Amazon. He writes science fiction, speculative fiction, and horror. Check out Josh’s Amazon Author.com page here. And here’s Josh’s PS4 gaming badge:


About J

J is a gold miner, metallurgist, and skier. Seriously, he mines gold. Out of the ground. Like, from rocks and stuff. Check out J’s Gold Mine here.