Time to dust off my tin-foil hat

The recent debate over law enforcement access to encrypted data has strained my faith in humanity to near the breaking point. How can people possibly be so stupid as to think that companies can provide for a way for law enforcement to be able to decrypt data without making that data insecure? May as well send everything in plain text. It will amount to unilateral disarmament against all cyber crime. And how exactly will you keep baddies from using encryption technology? So you ban Apple and Google from using end to end encryption. The users can just implement it themselves. So then what do you do? Slow the internet to a crawl while trying to figure out if every single packet contains encrypted data? Arrest and prosecute everyone who it appears is trying to send encrypted data? How could you even prove that? And how long would it take for someone to come up with an encryption method that would make your message look exactly like an excel spreadsheet to the sniffing software?