Mechanical Is The Vinyl Of Keyboards

And I’m all in. Seriously, who knew the world of mechanical keyboards was so complicated? Do I go with the Cherry Brown or Black switches? Or maybe I should eschew Cherry altogether and commit keyboard suicide with the cheaper Kaihls, I mean, some people actually like those things. One thing I know is that I need backlit caps. Maybe I should wait for the perfect keyboard to pop up on MD. I do know that I need tactile and n-roll. I’d really like to use it with my iPad pro, but if it’s USB that may not fly with the camera connection kit. Most experts swear by PS/2 interface (it’s faster than USB, natch), but that just seems silly. Ooh, maybe I should just build my own!

This is awesome, I have a whole new hipster hobby that I’ve discovered. Who knew? Sure as hell not me as of two days ago.

1 thought on “Mechanical Is The Vinyl Of Keyboards”

  1. Holy shit! I’m sitting on a pile of gold! I must have half a dozen old mechanical keyboards. I think the best feature is the ri-god-damn-diculous amount of noise you make. And I suggest going with unlabeled keys.That will multiply your hipster factor by 2.8x.

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