New 3DS faster than PS Vita! Or not.

A recent teardown of the Vita discovered that the CPU is actually an underclocked quad-core ARM Cortex A9 running at 333MHz. This has been a much discussed topic for years, so, uh, mystery solved I guess. In comparison, the new New 3DS doubled their cores (2 to 4) to match the Vita, and is rumored to run at a whopping 800MHz, so it blows away the Vita. So New 3DS is totally >>>>> than Vita!!1!1! Or not, because according to Wikipedia, it’s still running at the same 268MHz clock speed, which would make sense for backward compatibility purposes.

Why is all of this facinating, you ask? It’s fascinating for how unfascinating this is. Portable consoles are dead. The iPhone 6s is arguably faster than an entry Macbook. Read that again. Your phone is now faster than your computer.

I could see this going two directions. Either gaming hardware companies will pivot to releasing phone specific gaming hardware (think Sony PhoneStation; a portable controller that works with your phone). Or, maybe the hardware just gets so cheap and ubiquitous that releasing a new portable console is feasible. Who knows.

What I do know is that both devices, the Vita and the New 3DS, have some cool games. And that’s all that really matters.

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  1. I can imagine a device that clamps onto your phone to add the necessary controls for gaming. Seems like there could be a market there. It would suffer from pretty serious software difficulties though. Without standard hardware, games would be a lot more difficult to develop. They would probably end up bloated and slow.

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