I Posit a PS4K in 2017

Here ye’, here ye’, I hereby posit that Sony will release a new version of the PS4, called the PS4K, which will be identical in features to the PS4, backward and forward compatible, and will include the ability to play 4k games and videos (with a faster proc inside). PS4 games will begin shipping with both PS4 and PS4K ability in one BD disc. So there. Discuss.

Side note; 4K TVs are becoming affordable and 4K content is becoming.

2 thoughts on “I Posit a PS4K in 2017”

    1. I call BS on your BS. 4k is marketing speak for what’s really 2160p, and so it’s only–what, 3x?–larger than the 1080p HD we have now. That is still sizable, but it’s not as if all assets would need to be 4K’d. Hell, by 2017 it may very well be possible to stream those assets mid game versus store them on a disc. Even if textures weren’t updated, text alone would benefit from this improvement.

      And, of course and more importantly, streaming videos (and services that provide them; Netflix, Prime, etc.) would benefit. And considering all of the streaming TV hardware out there will begin providing this shortly, if not already (see: Fire TV), I think Sony will be forced to keep up.

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