J, how fast did you read this post?

Lately I’ve been trying to increase the speed at which I read so that I can read more (finding more time to read is my other option, but that’s not happening). J can read extremely fast, and I’m super jealous of that. But how fast can J read before he begins to lose comprehension? Good question, and here’s a great Wired article discussing it.

While speed readers claim to read upwards of 1 to 2 thousand words per minute, The Wired article mentioned that most educated folk “read at approximately the same rate an auctioneer speaks (between 250 to 400 words per minute) with good comprehension. For comparison, the rate of a normal conversation between two people falls between 150 and 160 words per minute (also the recommended rate for podcasts and audiobooks).”

This got me thinking, so I used this website to check my rate of reading. I got 329 with a quick test using Tom Sawyer. I think I can do better; maybe if I was in a focused environment with a more recent dialog. Interesting stuff. I’ve always wondered if I was slow or not; seems I’m average-ish.

1 thought on “J, how fast did you read this post?”

  1. 449 is my score, and that is pretty difficult reading what with all the anachronistic terms and phrasing. I read A LOT. When I am familiar with a particular author, I find myself not actually reading the text, but kind of grabbing a whole sentence at a time. At least for fiction reading. Technical reading I tend to have quite a slow pace. I would not be surprised if it is slower than average.

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