ML != AI

I keep seeing these articles referencing machine learning as artificial intelligence, as if they’re one and the same. They’re not. Not even close.

Machine learning is a cool way for computers that have a lot of pre-defined context to find patterns from huge sets of data after they’ve been seeded with a less-huge corpus of accurate data (often derived from humans).

A machine would be artificially Intelligent if it could derive that corpus on it’s own, with no context. That is a much more complicated problem, which is why humans usually end up generating the ML corpus in the first place.

Yes, ML was born out of research in AI, and I’m vastly oversimplifying here, but they are not at all the same. With all the hullabaloo about AI being dangerous, this inaccurate synonym-izing of the two terms is dangerous (and down right click-baity). So get it right, press.