A Contrarian Viewpoint of AI Risk

Here’s a great article¬†contradicting the recent spate of doomsday prognostication¬†surrounding the risks posed by AI. It also serves as a good AI history primer.

I’m not sure where I stand on this, but I think it’s closer to Geist than Bostrom. I do think we should be considering¬†how to develop safe AI, but I think the existential God-like threat is long a ways off. It’s one thing to get a computer program to master pong without any data, it’s a much different thing to get it to cure cancer before obliterating the human race with deadly nano-mosquitoes.

2 thoughts on “A Contrarian Viewpoint of AI Risk”

  1. Asimov had this shit figured out in the 60’s. These people need to go read the robot books. Give ’em some simple laws to maximize on and everything will sort itself out. That’s all people have, and we muddle along somehow.

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