Ouya Sold, Uhrman Out As CEO, Razer Is Coming

Story here, CO Engadget. Ouya missed a great opportunity due to poor execution. Products from major players have since swooped in to scrabble up the missed opportunity. That said, I don’t think Ouya did particularly bad given the amount of time they had to ship, I think they simply bit off more than a small Kickstarter could chew.

On the flip side of this story, I’m curious what Razer is planning to do with Ouya. The purchase did not include the hardware, just the software and customers. I’m guessing this amounts to a customer grab for their own similar product, the Razer Forge. I can’t find any info on how much they paid for Ouya, but I did find a quote stating Ouya has 200k users (I doubt those are active). Razer also recently had a big funding round, valuing them noreth of one beeelllllion dollars. How did a company that made a gaming PC raise so much money, you ask? Because dot com. Because internet. Because IPO. Because bubbles are fun!!

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  1. Best thing that came out of Ouya is Towerfall. Only problem is you need IRL friends to really take advantage of it.

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