Witcher 3 gameplay–should I be excited about this?

It looks pretty, well, pretty. Is this a good game? I think one and two were PC only, I think I recall hearing good things about them. Maybe. I suddenly feel like the PS4 has a bunch of games when just a few months ago it had none. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Witcher 3 gameplay–should I be excited about this?”

  1. I’m pretty sure I could spend an unproductive half hour running into people with my horse.

  2. Amazon just got my money. Now I just need to find time to complete Bloodborne before this comes out

  3. Welp, I went to PS store and noticed they have it for 54 bucks as a day-one digital pre-order. I went to order it but got denied because Sony seems to have issues any time I try to order over the web (versus on my box). Oh well, we’ll see if my impulse buy stands up in the next few days.

  4. OK, Amazon just suckered me with the added hardcover comic bonus. Pre-ordered because I totally have time to play more video games. Fuck writing.

    1. The comic sealed the deal for me as well. Sony’s store always has some sort of issue for me, even accessing it from the PS4. The number of times I’ve attempted to buy something is probably about 1.5x the number of times I’ve actually bought something. How can they not fix that shit?

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