The Return of Pinhead

I need to make a top-five author list at some point. And when I do, Clive Barker will be in it, that’s for damn sure. He writes in a genre I would call lit-horrtasy; basically, he melds horror and fantasy, and does so in a literary way. His prose is elegant even when his context is gruesome. Anyhow, he’s awesome.

And why do I bring this up? Because Barker is about to release the sequel to his seminal novella, The Hellbound Heart. For those who haven’t read this short novel, it served as the basis for one of the best horror franchises ever, Hellraiser. Like all good 80s horror film series (and all good vodka martinis) it went downhill after the first one. Still, I hold that the first Hellraiser was decent, even if Clive disagrees, stating, “It’s really terrible and it’s shockingly bad, and should never have been made.” Well okay then, Clive, don’t hold back. That said, I’m sure we can both agree that the book it was based on was and is still fantastic.

The new sequel, titled The Scarlet Gospels, will star Pinhead (note, he was never called this in the book or the first movie, this was a fan-given title) and another Barker recurring character, investigator of all things preternaturally odd, Harry D’Amour (I haven’t read anything with this character, but I’m sure he’s awesome). Also, Clive has stated unequivocally that this book will lay Pinhead to rest. We’ll see about that–only Clive, his editor (final word count went from 230k to just over 100k), and early-reviewers know for sure.