PKD Was Brilliant(ly whackadoodledoo)

In 1981, Philip K Dick wrote a bunch of predictions on the future to be published in something called “The Book of Projections .” I’m not sure whether that book ever saw the light of day, but dug these up from a 2003 eZine and dusted them off for review.

(Side note: I vaguely remember eZines. Do these things still exist? If so, do we call them iZines now? And how has it been TWELVE YEARS since 2003?!? For the love of god, man, 2003 was supposed to the future, and now it’s, like, way in the past. I think J was still using goldpans back in ’03.)

One of Dick’s most prescient comments was that by 1995, “Computer use by ordinary citizens (already available in 1980) will transform the public from passive viewers of TV into mentally alert, highly trained, information-processing experts.”

Wow. Spot on, there. That said, he wasn’t exactly batting steroid-inflated prognostication averages. His very next “projection” was that by 1997 “The first closed-dome colonies will be successfully established on Luna and Mars. Through DNA modification, quasi-mutant humans will be created who can survive under non-Terran conditions, i.e., alien environments.

I guess it could be argued that the McRib has turned portions of the Bible-Belt into quasi-humans, but, really, he was pretty far off on this one. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all, Dick.