I Posit an Unreality Valley

Similar to the uncanny valley for a lifelike creation, when a video game’s graphics become very close to reality, the small differences remaining are magnified, making it actually seem less real. Discuss.

1 thought on “I Posit an Unreality Valley”

  1. Where is this valley you speak of? Is the unreality valley in the same canyon system as the uncanny valley? Can you traverse Veracity Ridge to get from one valley to the other?

    But serisouly, they seem like pretty much the same thing to me. A related tangent that interests me: when we get these new VR headsets, if the devs (both hard and soft) are able to get the physics perfect, I wonder if our brains will adjust to unreality. In other words, if I’m in a virtual Dreamworks world, with perfect physics, would my brain adjust and believe everything I’m seeing is real? I think it might…

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