Final Fantasy XIV News — Heavensward

Lots of news in the world of Eorzea lately. J and I stopped playing FFXIV late last summer, and since then, the game has jumped from roughly two million subscribers to four million. So, apparently J and I can no longer refer to FFXIV as a niche MMO. the game has also continued to release all kinds of new content including some kind of card game, which will certainly raise the nerd-cred of the game, as if it needed any raising.

The FFXIV team also recently announced a new–huge–expansion coming in June of this year called Heavensward. Heavensward will bring new storylines to the game, and new jobs. Playable area will be 1.5x the size of the (already quite large) current playable area. Oh, and your chocobo can fly. Did I mention this? Let me repeat: you can mount and fly on a chocobo up to the floating city in the sky. Check out the article, lots of good nerd-nuggets in there.

Anyhow, all of this news, coupled with the fact that I read somewhere that FFXIV supports remote play on the Vita well (which is something I find myself using more and more), may have caused me to restart my account. I say may have when I really mean did. Even though I have approximately five minutes a week to play a stupid Japanese MMORPG. But dammit, I’m going to spend those five minutes chatting with Momodi in the Quicksand and dreaming of leveling to the point where I can have a flying chocobo.

Did I mention chocobos can get airborn? Sigh…