Looks like it will consume a great deal of my time. Check out the latest reveal trailer below:

I’m generally indecisive about “best ever” or “my favorite” lists. But not with the Souls games. Dark Souls is the best Action RPG I’ve ever played. No question. And speaking of RPGs, Xenoblade is climbing up my list of best JRPGs. Love the combat system. It’s quasi-turn based, and I think combines the best of action and turn based strategies. Plus the whole getting visions of the future during battle is a cool mechanic.

2 thoughts on “Bloodborne”

  1. Yeah, this looks awesome. Day of? I’m trying hard not to purchase any new games until I’ve made it through my backlog, but this is tempting.

    1. I have such a huge game backlog right now that it’s causing me stress. This is the opposite of what games are supposed to do. I might just offload a bunch onto my new Wii U friend, Rob.

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