When Does Josh Get His VR Headset?

Count me in as one of the firm believers that VR is the next big generational shift for consuming media. Until we get better holographic technology, VR headsets are our best option for truly immersive media.

Sony will be showing off Project Morpheus at GDC next month. Still no word on release timing and price, however. Maybe 2015? I’m guessing it slips into 2016. The tech itself features two curved 1080p LCD screens, a bunch of gyroscopes, some kind of head tracking that the PS4 camera will pick up (a plus over other implementations), and some sort of communication device (bluetooth?); so it’s not going to be cheap (I’m going to go out on a limb and guess $299USD).

There are other options beyond Sony, of course, such as Samsung’s headset, or ZukerVR, or Microsoft’s new Hololens technology that exists somewhere between VR and Holographs (insert blue holograph of death joke here). Hell, there even some clever Kickstarters out there utilizing our cell phones as screens. Frankly, however, gimmicky Kickstarter shit isn’t going anywhere, I’m too lazy to game on PCs, and I don’t care to see the tofu asparagus J made for dinner in 3D.

(Tangent, I can’t stand Facebook. I wish I didn’t have to use it, but it’s practically a social requirement in this day and age. If you don’t use Facebook, there’s this near social stigma that you must be some kind of crazy person living off the grid in an abandoned mine down by the river, wiling your days planning crazy get-rich-quick schemes, while you interminably chop down trees in some niche MMORPG. Good God, I need to visit J sometime soon.)

For my money, it seems like Sony is best candidate to bring something truly usable and commercial to market; it should be a natural fit with the PS4. Games will be immediately playable with (hopefully) trivial updates. I am curious how the controls will function; does the right stick (looking around/aim) change with the advent of me being able to look around with my head? In other words, do aim and look get distinguished as separate functions? And is the left stick (move) the same? Can I move forward with my left thumb, look over my left shoulder, and aim to my right? Getting the controls to a point where are effortlessly immersed is the key. Hell, the tech is probably simple in comparison.

1 thought on “When Does Josh Get His VR Headset?”

  1. So – Not sure how to break this to you – but you got your VR headset about a year and a half ago. I kind of installed it without your knowledge, and your entire life since then has been constructed by a distributed computing supercomputer. You know the whole Bitcoin thing? Ya – I may have hijacked that for this project. So – Sorry about that?

    Also – Fuck Facebook. I’m never going to be on that shit. And I got a trophy for cutting down all those trees (“Logging the Hours”) so it was totally worth it.

    But on the actual topic – I don’t see true immersion occurring until things are directly fed into our nervous systems. Headsets would be cool, but it will still just be playing a game, not living one.

    And what do you have against my tofu asparagus?

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