Xenoblade X’s world is approximately 10x the size of Skyrim’s

Just let that sink in a bit.

3 thoughts on “Xenoblade X’s world is approximately 10x the size of Skyrim’s”

  1. Google size of Skyrim, and you’ll find it is 37.1 km^2 equivalent. Xenoblade is reported at 400 km^2. Granted Skyrim pack a hell of a lot of shit in that area. You couldn’t turn around for fetch quests and dungeons and such like. The developer’s estimate for a playthrough is 300 hrs for Xenoblade (to complete all quests.) so that’s probably a better estimate of “size of game” than the real world equivalent map size. But still, that’s pretty damn big.

  2. Holy hell that’s a lot of game playin’. I will admit, Xenoblade piques my interest a great deal. If they come out with a cheap xenobundle I may be tempted.

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