Anime News On The Net

There’s a new Ghost In The Shell movie coming out. And no, not that one.

Next, I can’t seem to find appropriate words for this article.

Check out this great vid C.O. BuzzFeed showing the reactions of everyday americans watching anime for the first time:

And finally, did everyone see this vid of Ghostbusters as a 1980s anime? C.O. Nacho Punch (all of their stuff is pretty funny).

3 thoughts on “Anime News On The Net”

  1. The GITS movie is being done by one of the people behind “Xam’d of the lost memories,” which makes me cautiously optomistic.

  2. I haven’t (really) watched any Xam’d. I’ve put it on in the background a few times, but nothing more than that. Need to bump that up my list. Side note; I’m watching Psycho Pass right now.

    1. Psycho Pass! That shit has been bugging me. I started watching it, really enjoyed it, then got distracted and forgot what the fuck it was called. Bumping that up the list. And do watch Xam’d. Just don’t forget to leave your lemon drop.

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