3 thoughts on “Dragon Age Cyber-Monday Sale”

  1. You should. It’s getting very good reviews. I would if I didn’t have 57 years worth of games that I need to play. This shit is out-of-control.

  2. Now that I think about it, what does a deal like this mean so close after launch? Hmmm… sales may not have been up to snuff. A quick check of metacritic shows it to score considerable lower with users than reviewers, which I consider a bad sign. Also – the PS4 edition seems to suffer from some bugs at this point. May want to wait until they iron that out.

  3. I saw that PS4 thing. I’m holding off. It’s tough though, I really want to play a giant world fantasy RPG. I’m a bit let down with ME:SOM because it’s not that.

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