Connect The Dots, People

Dot one: 100 brains that were harvested from mental patients and a serial killer have disappeared from a Texas Medical School Oh, sure, now they’re claiming that they were disposed of years ago in a totally legal manner. They just forgot to keep the paperwork, and everyone involved is mysteriously dead or unavailable. And they never had a serial killer’s brain at all. Trust us.

Dot two: At exactly the same time, amazon introduces an army of order fulfillment robots.

People, these are not robots! They’re cyborgs created with the brains of mental patients, and at least one serial killer. It’s like “The Black Hole” all over again. Except Bezos is the mad genius, and the cyborgs are fullfilling orders instead of running a ship. Maximillian, No!

1 thought on “Connect The Dots, People”

  1. I just wanted you to know that I spent like a half hour looking for a clip from the The Black Hole, but Disney has dropped the hammer on anything decent. Not cool. Don’t they realize if you want to develop a following for their older films that they need to let people see them? I mean, this IP can’t have much value, but if you eased up a bit I’m sure you’d see a lot of the classic bad scenes being used in memes and shit like that, and it would drive sales. My favorite bad scene is probably the “Habitable lifeforms” line. At first it cracked me up, but then later I thought: maybe they were looking for habitable lifeforms. Like giant space dogs that we could live on as fleas or some shit.

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