Christmas Comes Early

On Tuesday, to be exact, because that’s when I get the PS Vita I just ordered on Amazon. The Borderlands Bundle went on sale again. I also got Persona 4 Golden to go with it. I’m trying to figure out what to get next. There are a lot of options, but looks like P4G is at the top of the list, so good decision there.

Sorry, J. The Wii U is going to have to wait.

P.S. — Is it “ordered off Amazon” or “ordered on Amazon”, because both seem to work. Damn you, English Language.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Early”

  1. P4G is supposed to be pretty much the best of the current-ish JRPGs out there.

    You could try Danganronpa. It’s the top of the charts for the high school social simulator / murder mystery genre.

    Or you could try Rymdkapsel, a meditative space strategy game based on Tetris.

    Also a FFX/X-2 remaster is available. I never played the original.

  2. Definitely going to hit up FFX/X-2 remaster. Sounds like a remastered version is also coming to the PS4, so I need to decide which one I play.

    There are so many JRPGs. Ys gets good ratings too. Disgaea also has a lot of love.

    I also want to play the few exclusives; Tearaway looks particularly interesting.

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