Wot’s… Uh, The Deal: With This New Borderlands Series?

I’m a big Borderlands fan. The entire series is like some bizzaro cross between Tri-Gun, Mad Max, and, well, those. Also, it’s a fantastic co-op game–in fact, I’m going to go out on a sturdy limb to say it’s the greatest co-op game ever made. Every time I play it I’m taken aback anew by the sheer creativity of the entire ecosystem. The writing is hilarious. The guns are hilarious. The gameplay is tight. The art is superb. It’s just an all around fantastic game.

So, given that, I was a bit surprised when I heard about this new Borderlands content that was released yesterday. Described as an episodic graphic adventure video game, the game boasts about 2-3 hours of gameplay per episode, with five planned episodes. Gameplay focuses on dialog and story, more than shooting and puzzles. It’s getting pretty good reviews. The game was created by Telltale games, who also did stellar work with the Walking Dead episodic series (I played some of it, it’s solid), and The Wolf Among Us episodic series (which also garnered great reviews). Basically, it’s a choose your own adventure game.

I’m tempted to play it, and will probably shell out the five bucks to play Episode One: Zer0 Sum. (Note, a season pass will set you back 20 bucks–five dollar in total savings! I can do math!).