What Josh Is Watching: The Irregular At Magic High School

What I don’t understand is; does this mean the high school is one of magic, or that there is a person who is irregular at magic, who also happens to attend a high school? Well, thanks to wikipedia, it appears to translate to the former:┬áThe Poor Performing Student of a Magic High School (note, read that translation carefully; the first time through I thought it proved the latter). Anyhow, the basic plot appears to include rising sea levels cutting off major forms of energy leading to world war three. Thankfully, the nucular (SIC) option was off the table because magicians. Or something.

Anyhow, this should tide me over while I try to hit my impending writing deadline (manuscript due ASAP! Yay!).

2 thoughts on “What Josh Is Watching: The Irregular At Magic High School”

  1. Watched it. I’d classify it as a fantasy/techno/harem anime (with elements of a fighting anime.) Worth watching, but I found it to drag on a bit. I should go back and catch up. I think I’m 5-6 episodes behind.

  2. Yeah, at some point it wasn’t working for me (but I wasn’t really watching too close). I ended up switching over to Psycho Pass, which I really like, but always have to re-watch because I’m barely watching to begin with.

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