What J Did This Weekend

Played a bunch of Mario Kart as Link, which you too can do if you buy the DLC pack ($7) which also includes 8 news tracks. Loved the game before this DLC came out, and this just put it over the top. It’s fantastic with local multiplayer. I’ve yet to try the online, but I hear good things about that.

6 thoughts on “What J Did This Weekend”

  1. And now I can report that:

    A. Online is seamless. And addictively fun.
    B. I am significantly worse against real opponents. Especially as the night wore on, and (i presume) the more serious hard core came out. You get points based on track position at finish. You start at 1000. finish in the first half of the field, you gain. Finish in the back half, you lose points. I was at 1099 at the end of the night. There was a dude? from Japan that had 3800. I saw him at the start of the race, then never again.

    1. I don’t feel like I’ve made the sale yet. I’m counting on the new Zelda game next year to seal the deal. In other news, I went ahead and ordered Smash. Should be here Friday. Not a huge fan of fighting games, but should be a lot of fun when I have a bunch of people over.

  2. Interesting review! The thing that would ultimately sell me is if Nintendo ditched the WiiU turdscreen, and sold instead a WiiU package with the Pro controller for 150 bucks. Whence they do this, I’ll be SOLD. Also, I gotta believe this is right around the corner, right? …I mean… right? Nintendo is never shy about modding hardware (ahem, I’m lookin’ at you, *new* 3DS), they’ve got to be working on this. Ironically, this is one of the main reasons I’m holding off on buying a U.

    1. You can get a refurbished unit from Nintendo for $200. Comes with a meh game, but still, $200 is cheap. I don’t see them eliminating the gamepad. But if they did, I have to think sales would skyrocket. There’s a lot of Xbox and PS gamers that would shell out $150. Christ, that’s only a little over 2 games.

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