The Destroyer Has Come

Karissa the Destroyer, that is. As you may know, one of Nintendo’s flagship series, Super Smash Bros, released today for the Wii U to a great deal of fanfare, including a launch event at a Gamestop in California. As part of the event, people could play live against each other. The entire field of players was destroyed by a 10 year old girl, Karissa, earning her the moniker of ‘the Destroyer.’ Turns out Gamestop was having a bit of fun with people, and they were actually playing a professional smasher by the name of Liquid’KDJ. You can check out the amusing video at this link

2 thoughts on “The Destroyer Has Come”

  1. Is it me or is the link broken? Anyhow, that’s really funny. I need a WiiU. Make them lower the price!!

    1. Link fixed. Apparently, href is spelled ‘href’, not ‘herf.’ And you do need a Wii U. It’s the only kitten approved console.

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