Video Game Rewind

Even though I have an enormous stack of new games for my ps3/ps4/wii U, I still find myself returning to some classics for a little old school arcade style action. Recently, I’ve been hitting “The Killing Game Show” pretty hard. It’s an Amiga arcade style platformer. Later ported to Genesis. The original is still the best, of course. One of it’s strong points is the excellent in game music by Ray Norrish. Click the link below to listen.

The audio samples are also retro cool. The sample “We’ve got a hot one for you” is my strongest memory of this game from playing back in the day.

Gameplay is frenetic, as you must find your way out before the water rises. Frequently there will be keys you need to get to unlock gates that bar your progress, and you need to get these quick, or else they will be below water when you need them. Enemies come at you in simple 80’s arcade style waves, but come come at you rapidly, so you need to anticipate and get on the trigger quick. All in all, it’s enjoyable mindless fun, so get to it! Gameplay video below:

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  1. After reading this post, I went on a wild goose-chase to find Ray Norrish and figure out what he’s up to these days. That music was so RAD it seems he should be culty-famous. I’m not sure he is, but I do think I found his youtube channel, and it looks appropriately RAD. We should reach out to him and do our first exclusive interview.

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