In Other Nuclear Fusion News…

In actual nuclear fusion news, Lockheed Martin have announced a nuclear fusion reactor skunkworks project powerful enough to deliver 100MW of energy and “small enough to fit on back of a truck.” The article goes on to state that the energy is also cleaner than my DMV record: “Compact nuclear fusion would produce far less waste than coal-powered plants since it would use deuterium-tritium fuel, which can generate nearly 10 million times more energy than the same amount of fossil fuels, the company said.”

That Rossi guy better get his cold fusion ECAT product to market ASAP.

J, do you believe in this one?

1 thought on “In Other Nuclear Fusion News…”

  1. Do I believe in it? Well, it has good theoretical foundations, as do all of the various hot fusion processes. The trouble is technological. You’re trying to make a tiny sun in a box. The temperatures you have to deal with are stupid, so you can’t use materials to contain it, you need to use things like magnetic fields or inertial confinement or some such. Then there’s feeding of fuel and removal of waste. Which is radioactive, but much better than fission’s products – on the order of 10s to 100s of years cool down instead of 1000s. Eventually, we will get there, but I think we should also be looking at alternative fission designs such as thorium based reactors to fill the niche in the mean time, because it’s probably going to take quite a few decades.

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