E-Cat, cold fusion, and the dreams global change

So, apparently some dude named Andrea Rossi has been claiming that he has invented a cold fusion device. He’s been talking about this for a while, and debunked once before, but now ExtremeTech.com has reported that a gaggle of independent and trustworthy scientists have confirmed the energy creation. In short, the weird looking dumbbell (the device, not the creator) created 1.5 megawatt hours of energy over 32 days, which seems just about enough to take you back to October 26, 1985.

As I understand it (read: not at all), cold fusion is the ability to create a nuclear reaction at room temperature. There have been plenty of hoaxes about creating cold fusion in the past, and more than likely, this is following suit. Wikipedia defines this as Pathological Science. Just read the comments in this slashdot article which seem to assume the hoaxworthyness of this claim. That said, some people are arguing that the tests prove conclusively that Rossi did, in fact, generate the energy. Whether he used cold fusion to do so, that is certainly up in the air. More info on the device itself can be found on wikipedia; the device claims to use “nickel [to] spontaneously ionize hydrogen gas and therefore ‘absorb’ the resulting proton”. Huh.

J, you know about this shit, what say you? Any chance I can buy an E-Cat LENR box via Amazon Prime soon?

2 thoughts on “E-Cat, cold fusion, and the dreams global change”

  1. It’s a complete and total fraud. Starting with the fact that this dude is not only present during the test, but is the one who loads and unloads the fuel from the machine. Add to that the bizarre way in which they are measuring heat output, that is subject to considerable error. Why not just heat water with this thing, and measure the change in temp? And lastly, the wiring of this unit is.. odd. It’s a resistance coil. You should have a switch, that is all. If there is in fact more power coming out than is measured to be going in, it could be sneaking in through the grounding system or some shit like that. OK – so that wasn’t lastly. But this is lastly: he won’t tell anyone what his magic powder is. Apparently, if he does, a conspiracy of Exxon, George Bush, and Colonel Sanders (before he went tits up) will assassinate him.

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