I’m doing it, I’m buying me some ME:SOM

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor is getting pretty good reviews, especially this one. I’m in. Pre-order made. I needed a new game to play anyhow since J ditched me in FF14 and my only other FF friend must have gotten grounded, cause he’s (she’s?) never online.

Back to ME:SOM, a good snippet FTA: “What would have otherwise been a competent sandbox game with solid combat mechanics and an interesting twist on a known fantasy world is elevated by the Nemesis System. Shadow of Mordor is the strategic person’s action game.”

1 thought on “I’m doing it, I’m buying me some ME:SOM”

  1. Pre-ordered. Really looking forward to this one. I don’t really get all of the “Nemesis System” hype, but any game I can wander around Middle Earth and kill things, I’m down for.

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