Screw you, Nintendo.

You’re going to make me buy yet ANOTHER 3DS, aren’t you???


FTA: “It now has a second analog joystick, making camera controls in complex games like Monster Hunter significantly easier. Going along with that are two extra “shoulder buttons” on the back of the unit for more control options. The 3-D screen and camera have been given upgrades.

And most significantly, New Nintendo 3DS has more under the hood. The internals have been upgraded for flashier graphics and faster internet speeds. Nintendo being Nintendo, it hasn’t said how much of a boost New 3DS will get. But it has said that the new model will actually play some exclusive games that wouldn’t be possible on the current 3DS.”

1 thought on “Screw you, Nintendo.”

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles is considered one of the best JRPGs, and looks to be exclusive to the new version of the 3DS. If only you had a young child in the household that could use their own 3DS, then you could justify the purchase of the new version….

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