Anime Theme Song Of The Week

This week’s song is Gon’s theme, from Hunter x Hunter. Not only is it a fun, crazy ass anime, but the sound track is excellent. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Anime Theme Song Of The Week”

  1. I’m trying to google for the composer but having serious issues. Who the f’ wrote this?

    It’s like a combination of Mozart and Zelda.

  2. The composer is Ono Masatoshi. You should check out the entire sound track. You can Youtube “Hunter X Hunter OST” and get a playlist. Also, watch the anime. For God’s sake, you’ve got an evil clown dude, a young boy in search of his father (with only his trusty fishing pole as a weapon), and his friend who’s secretly one of the world’s greatest assassins. What more do you want?

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