Who is Webdriver Torso?

The internet has recently had their panties in a bunch over a mysterious youtube user by the name of Webdriver Torso. For some months, this mysterious youtube user has been posting cryptic videos onto Youtube at startling rates (77,772 videos as of the writing of this post). The videos are all similar in style; short (10 seconds-ish) with buzzes, beeps, and odd primary color rectangles.

What could these strange videos mean? Could they be cryptic CIA encoded messages for surreptitious operatives, such as was used with radio signals in the 60s? Or maybe these are messages from an alien race attempting first contact with Earth, just as our own government predicted? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a software test account using this webdriver tool? Nah, I’m going with aliens.

Here’s an example of one of the videos. A free beer to whoever figures out the message:

1 thought on “Who is Webdriver Torso?”

  1. I’m going with the theory that the internet has become a sentient being and is now trying to teach us to communicate with it.

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