Oh yeah, I’m done with you, Ouya.

Non-interesting article on Ouya’s response to the FireTV on Forbes. I realllllllly wanted to love the Ouya, but I only have 4 HDMI cable inputs into my TV, and the FireTV is going to replace my Ouya. I’m just not using the Ouya. Like, at all. The controller was not good. The box underwhelmed. The “apps” section of the box was pretty horrid (granted, they claim to be gaming first, but c’mon, why not support apps! It’s a ten-foot device, after all). And now with their movement towards Ouya Everywhere, well, I just don’t see the strategy there. I think they’ve lost their vision as a company, and I’m hopping off at this point.

So, yeah. Final Ouya post. Kinda reminds me of my love and death of the Atari Lynx II. Ooh yeah.

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  1. Atari lynx was fucking awesome. And by coincidence, I just happen to be drinking out of my vinage 1982 ATARI wine glass that I found at a yard sale for 25 cents. Also – I’m not even sure where my Ouya is. Perhaps it’s everywhere.

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