J, which MMO should we play this year?

J and I want to get our MMO on, but, as we’ve discussed off-blog, we have about as much free time as Philip Seymour Hoffman after a Prime Silk Road purchase. (Too soon? Did Silk Road have Prime?)

So, if I am going to play one MMO this year, I want to maximize my time and money in that I want to play one game (the best game) for a limited time (one free month, plus maybe one more at a cost). Here are our 2014 options:

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

So, we’ve been talking about getting our Chocobo on with the latest FF, MMO style. I’ve never played FF (and I don’t think J has either). I’ve read recently that FF has pretty much become a turd sandwich in a market where fans buy turd sandwiches. So why play FF14? I dunno. Because it’s the only thing out right now for PS4 and J and I hate the PS3 controller (compared to the PS4).

Fee: 1 free month, 15 bucks thereafter.

Metacritic: 83/100

Amazon (PS4): 3.3, but seems many one-star reviews are due to account setup, not the game. The PC gets 3.6.

Josh: Meh.

Elder Scrolls Online: ESO

Well, this one-star review from Amazon doesn’t look too promising. FTA: “After the starting area, every dungeon, tomb or catacomb will be entirely populated by characters such as “sasaf”, “oihhgdsgf” and “iuyuygfc”.” I don’t exactly understand MMO speak yet, but it sounds like this game has some serious MM issues.

I think I can speak for J when I say we both enjoyed Skyrim (well, when it wasn’t crashing on me all the f-ing time!), and an MMO sounds awesome, but this might not meet the mark.

Fee: 1 free month, 15 bucks thereafter.

Metacritic: 76/100

Amazon (PC): 3.1 stars

Josh: Meh.

PlanetSide 2

This is a Sony exclusive, free-to-play (F2P) model, already available on the PC and coming soon for the PS4. Since it will be PS4 exclusive, it will certainly look great. It’s a space opera, not a fantasy genre, not that that’s a bad thing. As far as I can tell, it’s due “early 2014”. I’m ambivalent on the F2P aspect; on the one hand, no monthly fee, on the other, constant poking and prodding to pay just so I can kick J’s ass a little quicker.

Fee: F2P

Metacritic: 84/100

Amazon (PC): 3.5, but only 11 reviews.


Destiny is Bungie’s (of Halo fare) upcoming non-MMO. Not a ton is known about it at this point (well, at least by me), but it’s coming, and it’s going to be big. Bungie doesn’t seem to consider this an MMO, exactly, and therefore I’m discounting it myself. It sounds like a shooter in an open world. Or something. Anyhow, blech.

Josh: I might play it, but this aint your Dad’s MMO.


I’m sure there are other possibilities (like these listed by IGN, which would have been helpful had I found this article earlier), but right now, I’m leaning towards PlanetSide2 or FF14. I’m going to hold off for a month or so, at least, in the hopes that more is known about PS2 for PS4.

J, thoughts?

7 thoughts on “J, which MMO should we play this year?”

  1. I think I’m going to take the plunge on FF14. Of course, technically, we’ve already played one MMO this year.

  2. We have?? Which one? You aren’t counting real life as an MMO again, are you? Cause we’ve had that conversation way too many times.

      1. Is it really, though? I mean, it’s only four players at once, that doesn’t sound massive to me. But I’m not entirely sure what the definition of MMO is.

        1. Apparently it qualifies on account of you can form these big clans and shit. I don’t really understand it.

          1. Sure would be nice if the damn interface was usable. Jesus. I feel like I’m using compuserve when I try to invite you guys to a game.

  3. Someone’s MMO dreams were just fulfilled by Amazon. Sadly, I’m off to Texas until Sunday, so I’ll be playing catch up to you.

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