J gets enough XP to advance

To Win7. Yup. I’m one of those late adopters that went right up to the deadline of discontinued service for XP. Not really by choice, as at my business I have to use a bunch of really old outdated software to interact with equally old equipment. Anyhow, I’ve finally made the jump to a modern operating system. And so far, it’s pretty much pissed me off to no end. The OS itself is fine, and I can run most of my obscure software in a Dosbox VM or similar, but what has really got me steamin’ is Excel 2013. I live in Excel. I do all of my estimating in it, and have a large collection of VB macros that I use constantly. And there are all sorts of bizarre problems with them. To wit: Whenever I start a VB macro, the numlock key turns off. Yup. The numlock key. Because reasons, that’s why. OK, I can kludge my way around that. “Sendkeys ‘{numlock}’.” Oh, wait. Sometimes, and I mean every 10th time or so, it doesn’t do it. So now at the beginning of every VB macro, I have to add code to check the state of the numlock key, and lock that shit if it isn’t allready. OK. Problem dealt with. Now, to something that I have concluded is unsolvable. The speed of Excel. Ya, I upgraded from an old Pentium 4 to a modern 8 core machine that should kick ass, but the fucking cursor in Excel moves slower from cell to cell. And erratically, which is worse. For someone that has lived in Excel for as long as I have, and has used the same workbooks, I often don’t look at the screen for extended periods of time, because I don’t have to. I can be reading from a document, and inputting data, and only periodically check that things are correct. Not now. Microsoft has added this cute little animation that moves the selection box from one cell to the next. Which actually looks quite nice, and draws your attention to where you are going. The problem is, it takes time. Not a lot of time, but enough that there is a delay long enough that I constantly overshoot where I am trying to go. It’s like trying to have a conversation with Piner on the moon. That shit just don’t work. So, after some googling, I find I can edit my register, and turn that shit off. Sure – why would you put that in the options menu. Registry editing much more convenient. So that helps the speed a bit. But it’s still not as fast as my old XP machine, and the erratic nature of the speed is even worse. Oh – and one more thing. when opening a file through the new interface, ie not a traditional file dialog, Excel no longer passes the context along with workbook. Which means all of the files that my macros assume to be in the same directory as the file I am opening? Like the sales tax rates, material costs etc? It can’t find them. The fix for that? Pay $15 to some company that adds a traditional dialog box back into Excel as a plugin. I could rant more, but that give you the general flavor of what I’ve been dealing with. Fucking Microsoft.