Shit Just Got Virtual

Sony unveils it’s VR headset. The question on everyone’s mind is: Will Josh disappear into a MGS virtual reality, and use this as a base of operations to further his plan to basically not do shit for the rest of his life? Wait – That’s my plan. Although it would probably have more of a Trigun theme to it.

1 thought on “Shit Just Got Virtual”

  1. Man, I still haven’t finished MGS-Revengeance. I finally brought it back out after spending HOURS trying to defeat Monsoon. That fucker. I had to replay the entire level just so I could get to Monsoon with five nano-pastes instead of three. Bah–he still kicked my ass. I played for at least two straight hours up at my cabin and could not beat that bastard. The moment I got home I busted open youtube and went to town. Monsoon is an f’n summer storm now. That frickin’ dick. “DOooOOoeeESss it HuuuUUUuUUUrrrRRRrrtttt??!?!?!?!!” Yes, it hurts, goddam it. Seriously, that was the hardest boss battle I’ve faced since Gannon on the N64.

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