Josh – I may have had something to do with this

It’s possible that my intense hatred for Bob Costas manifested itself in the form of an eye infection. Finally, after years, I’ll be able to watch a day of Olympics coverage without listening to that smarmy bastard. and what’s up with calling him an “Olympic star.” Grrrr..

2 thoughts on “Josh – I may have had something to do with this”

  1. This made me laugh pretty hard. You and Bob Costas; you’re like mortal enemies or something. Honestly, I don’t share your enmity. I’m not like a hug slobbering fan or anything, but he doesn’t affect me viscerally the way he seem to you. What would you do if you were in Vegas at a urinal and Bob walked in and stood next to you? Just the two of you, pissing in Vegas. Would you say anything? Grumble in silence? I’m very curious.

  2. Being as all of my muscles would be involuntarily clenched in hatred, I would be unable to continue my task, and would have to leave.

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