Our tribe is 3x better than your tribe

At watching porn, that is. Latest numbers from the PS4 vs Xbox One war indicate that PS4 owners are 3x as likely to use the device to watch porn than Xbox One owners. Let’s analyze the stats.

PS4 watchers’ top 3 favorite categories are: 1. All girl 2. Black 3. Amateur. Xbox One watchers’ top 3 are: 1. Anal 2. College 3. Milf. From this, we can determine that PS4 owners like the ladies, have no racial biases, and prefer the real experience to the silicon one, whereas Xbox One owners want to fuck your mom in the ass while she’s dressed as a college co-ed. Q.E.D.

3 thoughts on “Our tribe is 3x better than your tribe”

  1. Holy crap that made me laugh hard! 😆

    (And, ahem, I might have helped pad the PS4 stats a bit)

    1. And here I thought it was Piner skewing the results by endlessly watching “Creampie Hunnies from Russia.” And Shit! I just realized I missed a perfect South Park reference. I should have ended this with: “because that’s how Xbox people are.” Damn.

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