Naruto Update

I thought I’d put together this handy crib sheet for those who haven’t been following Naruto lately, and are a bit confuced about who, exactly, presently has whose eyes.

Sasuke – Has his brother, Itachi’s eyes. He recieved them from Tobi, who had them in his secret eyeball cave.

Itachi – Has his own eyes. Which is not a logical inconsistency, because he has been re-animated, and his eyes have been transmogrified from the eyes of the poor bastard whose body was used to re-animate him.

Tobi (AKA The Madera who is not Madera, AKA Obito) – His left eye he pilfered from Nagato Pain’s corpse, while his right eye is of uncertain origin. His original right eye was clearly destroyed when he was trapped under a rock and, thinking that he was going to die, gave his left eye to Kakashi. Likely his right eye is one of the many that he stole when Itachi killed off the Uchiha clan.

Kakashi – His left eye was given to him by Tobi when he was a young man.

Nagato Pain – Has his own eyes, transmogrified from the body used to re-animate him.

Madera – Has the eyes of his brother, which he forcably removed.

Naruto – Has his own eyes, dagnabit. He doesn’t take no truck with all this eyeball swapping shit.

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  1. Wow. So they take the whole “eye for an eye” literally then? Maybe one day I’ll catch up to you on Naruto. Or NOT.

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