Holy Crap, I can buy stock in sports players

Yep, it’s true, we can now buy stock in a sports player, starting with Arian Foster. No word on if and when I can short Christian Ponder. But seriously, this is blowing my mind. Apparently the stock will represent 20% of Foster’s future income on business related activities (marketing, etc.). It was purchased for 10 million, so I guess that makes Arian Foster’s total personal market cap 50 million? Seems about right, I guess. Wow. This makes me want to have an IPO myself, but penny stocks are risky.

1 thought on “Holy Crap, I can buy stock in sports players”

  1. I’ve heard of similar ideas for funding higher education. IE your college gets .5% of your income for 30 years or some such. Intriguing idea. Seems a better deal than heaping a bunch of debt on students.

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