2014 is the year of Linux!

Wait, was that an echo I hear? Seriously, though, I know each of the previous 20 years of Linux haven’t actually come to fruition, but I’m seeing some pretty positive signs developing. First Valve creating a Steam portal for Linux. Next they announce the SteamOS/Box/Controller. Now, Nvidia and AMD have announced that they will be much more supportive by way of drivers for their graphics cards. Which has been a major stumbling block for Linux. Lastly, there’s been a lot of positive buzz surrounding the possibilities of Linux gaming machines. Then I heard the MS is going to have their Xbox run a virtual machine so it can run all Win8 applications, and then run a second VM to run games, and I thought: This shit sounds like it could be trouble, and a potential opening for a third player. So all in all, I’m cautiously optimistic that Linux can become a viable gaming platform in the next 3-5 years.