J’s Science Corner

This is a (possibly) re-occurring feature wherein I summarize science-y news that I find interesting. Up today is an interesting advance in the maths behind quantum mechanics. Here’ my takeaway points:

– The universe is a giant circle
– Space and or time are not fundamental components of reality
– One sketch on paper can now take the place of 500 pages of algebra. This brings two things to mind. First, It’s always amazing to me how a slight change in your perspective or in how you frame a problem can vastly simplify things. Second, how can this be harnessed to improve graphics rendering for video games?
– Most likely we will have to give up unitarity or locality. Is it just me, or does unitarity holding imply determinism and not holding implies free will?
– This brings me to J’s theory of everything, which I formulated one evening whilst staring at the night sky*. Here it is: Sum(everything) = nothing.

* This was due to the fact that the vodka wouldn’t let me sit up.