Clicker ants are here. And they are hungry.

J loaned me The Rest of Us and it’s pretty amazing. If you haven’t played it, there are these viscous ‘clicker’ zombies that are such a bitch to take down you wonder why the game even bothers giving you a gun. Anyhow, this wired article about fungi infected ants will give you similar willies. Life imitating art. Yick.

1 thought on “Clicker ants are here. And they are hungry.”

  1. I’m betting you did the same thing as I did. Got your ass kicked the first time you faced clickers, and then googled them, finding that article. I believe that was the inspiration for the game, actually. As to how to take down clickers, a stealth kill with a shiv works best, or get yourself a 2×4 or baseball bat, and strap a pair of scissors to it. Hitting them in the head with a gun is just too difficult with their erratic movements.

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