Uhgya, more disconcerting Ouya news

The hits keep on coming, but not in the form of games. Maybe we should just start an “Ouya week in review” column. Anyhow, some “highlights” from this week’s news:

— The dev behind 100 Rogues wrote an interesting post-mortem piece on gamasutra. It doesn’t read too differently than any of the software projects I’ve worked on, eg: lots of hand wringing, changes of direction, shifting requirements, and long delays from questionable refactoring choices. His comments on Ouya were mixed at best, eg: “I really wish Ouya’s uphill battle would have been easily won, and that I could just make a living making my games. But there’s more work ahead for us all.”

— From The Verge, it seems some mysterious large donors are trying to take advantage of Ouya’s Kickstarter matching funds exclusivity promotion deal thingy. I’m not sure what this means, exactly. I mean, if it’s the devs that are ponying up their own money, well, doesn’t Ouya still get exclusivity? If it’s someone mysterious (cue spooky music), then, who cares?

— In decent news, The Walking Dead is coming to Ouya. Let’s hope this isn’t an eponymous title for Ouya.

Competitors are on their way. And why shouldn’t they be? Creating an Android based gaming device should be easier than finding a brothel in Sweden.

— Then there was this failed attempt at “marketing”: