Ouya and Chaos Online

A real MMOPORG is coming to the Ouya in the form of Order and Chaos Online. As with all GameLoft games, this one rips off a popular genre leading game, in this case WOW. I’m not exactly sure how Ouya works over the internets, it’s not like there’s a friend list or something, but I guess GameLoft will deal with that. I’m definitely interested in this and will certainly hit up J to play sometime (we’ve played a metric crapton of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance on the PS3, another ripLoft game).

Speaking of GameLoft, this company rips off new games like a leper rips off bandaids (Thx! I’ll be here all week). This is especially impressive considering they are a French company and everyone knows that French people only work for a few hours on days that start with a T (all other hours of the day are saved for love making and growing armpit hair). I bought some of GLOFF stock about a year ago ’cause I’m completely impressed at how quickly they pump out new games with decent quality. Granted, they aren’t winning any creativity awards, and their scripts read as if they were written by a drunk George Dubya, but their games are playable and they make a shite-load of them. Considering the bar for mobile games (read: you can’t limbo below it) I’m pretty sure they are raking in the money.

Anyhow, what was I talking about? I feel like I got a bit off topic here. Umm, go buy an Ouya and cheer up CEO Julie Urhman. She may need it after stating that her favorite Operating System is iTunes. There are two serious issues with this statement: 1) umm, lemme see, I forget… oh yeah–iTunes ISN’T AN OPERATING SYSTEM! Perhaps more importantly, 2) if iTunes were an OS, it would be the shittiest OS ever made in the known universe. As in, move over Windows, here comes PooOS!! (I’m assuming the guts of iTunes are codenamed Poo–it’s a stretch, I know.) Seriously, iTunes??? Look, I love Apple, I’m almost a fanboy (I’m probably in the closet), but iTunes INFURIATES me. It’s probably the worst piece of crap I’ve ever used, worse than MS SongSmith. I gave up syncing my iPhone years ago. Seriously?!?! iTUNES??? This quote alone makes me truly frightened for Ouya’s future.

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  1. I’ve been deliberately avoiding MMORPGs because I suspect that I might get sucked into them. But, if Josh is along for the ride, what the fuck.

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